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Mango-icoMango: Mango (Mangifera indica L.) considered as ‘King of fruits’, is the most important commercially grown fruit of India due to its wide range of adaptability, high nutritive value, richness in variety, delicious taste and excellent flavour.  It is a rich source of vitamin A and C. The fruit, utilized raw or ripe, is well-liked by the people and has great export potential. . . .More


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  Research Studies in Mango

Research work on Mango being carried out at IIHR on various aspects

Collection, hybridization and evaluation of mango germplasm and hybrids for the Improvement of mango for yield and quality are carried out at IIHR as research program. Several high yielding hybrids/varieties in Mango were developed and released which includes Arka Anmol, Arka Neelkiran, Arka Puneet, Arka Aruna and recently released Arka Udaya.

Plant Genetic Resources
The total collection in mango Field Gene Bank (FGB) to 667 accessions. . . . .
Post Harvest Management
Fruit coatings to extend the storage life of extend the storage life of Alphonso mangoes ...
Pesticide Residue Studies
Conducted residue study on post harvest residue management of pesticides on mango ...
Micronutrient management
Due to excessive use of DAP fertilizers and introduction of high yielding . . .
Physiological disorder
The cause of spongy tissue formation in Alphonso mango was identified for the first time in the world . . .
Molecular characterization
Characterization of indigenous seedling mango varieties was carried out under...
Mango-ico Thesis abstracts on mango

New Release

Mango : Arka Udaya

Disease & pest management in Mango

Mango trees are affected by a number of diseases including fungal and bacterial. Fungi enter plants through natural openings such as stomata and through wounds caused by pruning, harvesting, hail, insects, other diseases, and mechanical damage. Similarly, the trees are affected by number of pests of which the hopper is a major and serious threat during the flowering season. If uncontrolled they can cause severe damage.

dismgtico Disease management
Powdery mildew is one of the serious diseases affecting most of the mango varieties

Pest management

Hopper is a serious pest of mango which may cause major crop loss in cases of severe infestation